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Rome, the ancient capital of the World

Rome is an amazing destination. The city has a history of about 2500 years. This means there is so much to see and do in Rome. Every monument and piazza has its history. There are many stories to tell about this great destination. Our guides love to tell these stories.

If you want an easy introduction to the culture and history of Rome, why not join one of our free tours. We have a great choice of free tours in the eternal city. We organize free tours during the day, in the afternoon and even at nightfall, to see the city in beautiful light. We take you around the Colosseum and walk you to Saint Peter's. We show you the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Trevi fountain, Spanishs steps and many more highlights.

All our guides know the city well. They can not only explain the history, but also provide you with practical tips and fun stories about living in Italy.

If you want to join one of our free tours in Rome, we do offer daily in different languages you can make your booking below.

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5 Star Rating: Excellent Free City Tour Rome - "well done!"

Review by Robert, UK - December 02, 2015

We did book this tour way in advance and we were not sure what to expect. It turned out to be a brilliant choice. I don't see why I need to book a paid tour if I can get it for tips only, such a great concept. Our guide was very friendly, bringing us around places we normally wouldn't have gone to. All with great explanations about what to do and where to go. The group was not big and it was easy to understand the guide. His English was excellent (I can not say the same for the Vatican tour we did yesterday with a different company). At the end of the tour we got great recommendations about where to eat and what more to see. We (family with 2 teenagers) would recommend to do the free tours. Thank you.

5 Star Rating: Excellent Free Classical Tour Rome - "Impressive"

Review by Ben, USA - December 02, 2015

Very nice tour around the Colosseum area. Was absolutely a good choice to book the tour ahead because we wanted to join the Vatican night tour but it was fully booked. However, when we wrote an email we got an response straight away and they found us a way to join in. Absolutely great customer service and great guides. Thank you again for making the Rome trip even better and we will be back one day.

5 Star Rating: Excellent Free City Tour Rome - "Rome is amazing and has lots of history"

Review by Jan-willem, Netherlands - November 28, 2015

We did have lots of fun and learned something on the tour as well.Please make sure you tip the guide well as this is there only salary and they don’t get paid by the company. They really deserve it, thank you for organizing this free tour.

5 Star Rating: Excellent Free Classical Tour Rome - "Such a nice walk"

Review by Jenny, USA - July 12, 2015

We really had a lovely time on our walk through the center of Rome. The guide was nice and told many interesting stories. He showed us around the Forum and the Colosseum. When we visited the Colosseum after, everything made a lot more sense. It was such a nice walk, thank you!

5 Star Rating: Excellent Free Classical Tour Rome - "Learned a lot"

Review by Peter, Ireland - January 27, 2016

We took this tour to discover a bit more about the history of Rome, and we were not disappointed! Our guide knew to tell great stories about the Roman empire and the Colosseum. It was fun to understand a bit more about this history, without getting bored. Me and my family had a superb time!

Yes, if you want to book one of our tours, we charge a small booking fee of 2,50. This is to cover the costs of maintaining our office, booking engine and website. Also, this way we can guarantee that the groups are never bigger than 20 persons, so you always will be able to understand and interact with the guide.
Most of our tours are in English. However, we also provide tours in different languages. Make sure you check which language your tour is in before you book.
We try to provide many different free walking tours in every city. Check out the details at the tour you are interested in. You will find the specific meeting point and time there.
Our guides work for tips only. You can tip them as much or little as you want. Just give them the amount you think the tour deserved. This system makes sure that the guides work hard for their money and you get the best tour possible. Also, if you are on a small budget, you can still enjoy a great tour with the best guides on your holiday!
Yes, this is no problem at all. We will always try to accommodate your needs, if they are reasonable. You can even cancel and get your money back if you do it 72 hours in advance.

The best time to visit Rome is in Spring and Autumn. Even so, even in summer it is a lovely city. It can get quite hot though. But whatever the weather you encounter, Rome always has something to offer. If it rains, there are many museums. If it's too hot during the day in August, everybody is on the streets at night, having a good time. January is probably the coldest month, but that also means a lot less tourists.
You already know many of the highlights of Rome. They are world famous. From Saint Peter's to the Vatican Museums and from the Colosseum to Palatine Hill, Rome's touristic sites are unforgettable. You would need months to visit all the sites and museums in the city.
On our free walking tours of Rome, your guide will answer all your questions and give you some useful tips for your stay in Rome, like:
  • Where to buy your ticket to the Colosseum
  • What is the best way to visit the Vatican
  • Where to go for a great and authentic Italian meal
  • The best area's to go for a drink or a pizza
  • Which churches to visit in Rome.
There are so many books written about Rome. A good guidebook is a great start. From there you can dive into anything from Classical literature, to the Bible to modern descriptions of life in Rome. If you want an easy classic to read, try Suetonius: The life of the Caesars. It's good fun!

We at AiroTour are providing Free Tours all over the world. At the moment, we are rapidly expanding. We try to combine the benefits of a Free tour with the service of a full tour company. This is why you can book with us, groups are never big and we only employ the best guides available. Come join one of our tours and see for yourself!